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VOLKSWAGEN Amarok | Feb 2011 - Dec 2020

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Rhino Roof Racks - VOLKSWAGEN Amarok 4dr Ute 02/11 On (JB1007) Sale

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Rhino Rack Roof Racks Rhino Roof Racks - VOLKSWAGEN Amarok 4dr Ute 02/11 On

Product # JB1007

Additional Features

Rhino Rack
4 Door Ute Dual Cab
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100 KG
Dual Cab
RVAB1, Quantity - 1
52100, Quantity - 1


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Product Description

Brand New Genuine Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform (1528mm x 1236mm) To Suit VOLKSWAGEN Amarok 4dr Ute 02/11 On (JB1007)

Description: (Instructions, fitting kits and all other components included to fit your vehicle):

The Pioneer Platform with Rhino-Rack Backbone system is the ultimate load carrying solution for your vehicle.

The sleek and stylish Pioneer Platform with Rhino-Rack Backbone System is the ultimate load carrying solution for your vehicle. The black powder-coated design makes life easier by allowing you to load and unload your equipment in moments. The Pioneer Platform is made from reinforced nylon and aluminium which creates a lightweight strength that is incredibly durable. The non-corrosive Pioneer Platform has withstood testing in the harshest conditions around the world so you know it can be trusted.

*Requires fit kit SP308


Loading and unloading your equipment is easy. Simply slide your gear onto the Pioneer Platform and tie them down to the bars. The best thing about the Pioneer Platform is that it has been specifically designed to carry existing Rhino-Rack accessories including luggage bags, jerry can holders, spare wheel holders, shovels and loads more.

Rhino-Rack also offers the flexibility of allowing you to purchase the available rail kits if you wanted to add rails to your platform.


  • Stylish and aerodynamically designed to minimise wind drag and noise on the road
  • Non corrosive so it won't rust or fade
  • Made from strong and durable materials and allows you maximum carrying capacity
  • Bars included with the Pioneer Platform
  • Compatible with many Rhino-Rack accessories
  • Additional rail kits are available

Product Breakdown - What you get

Product # JB1007 is made up of the following parts

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