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Rhino Rack Shovel Holder (RSHB)

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Rhino Rack Shovel Holder

Product # RSHB


Rhino Rack
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Product Description

Brand New Genuine Rhino Rack Shovel Holder (RSHB)


A shovel is one of the most useful items to have whilst travelling and camping with your family and friends. Rhino-Rack has designed a shovel holder that mounts to your Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty and Vortex crossbars. It can also be attached to your Rhino-Rack Alloy Trays.

Don't worry about finding that space in your car to put the shovel. Shovels are dirty and can damage the inside of your car, so why risk it?

Simply mount your shovel in our shovel holder bracket and away you go. It's simple and quick to install too.

Sold as a pair, these brackets are made from strong glass reinforced nylon and come with an adaptor to suit Rhino-Rack's Heavy Duty or Vortex crossbars. A special Allen Key is included to adjust the holder.


  • Easy to install
  • Transport your shovel outside your vehicle
  • Easily mounted to your Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty and Vortex crossbars
  • Can be attached to Rhino-Rack Alloy Trays
  • Made from strong glass reinforced nylon
  • Allen Key included for adjustments

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