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HYUNDAI iLoad | Feb 2008 - Dec 2021

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Rhino Rack Roof Racks - HYUNDAI iLoad 2 Door Van 02/08 On (JC-00342) Sale

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Rhino Rack Roof Racks Internal Ladder Rack System to suit Hyundai iLoad 08

Product # JC-00342

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Rhino Rack
2 Door Van
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Internal Ladder Rack System to suit Hyundai iLoad 08
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0 KG

Product Description

Brand New Genuine Rhino Rack Internal Ladder Rack System to suit Hyundai iLoad 08 To Suit HYUNDAI iLoad 2 Door Van 02/08 On

Description: (Instructions, fitting kits and all other components included to fit your vehicle):

Internal Ladder Rack suited to Toyota Hyundai iLoad 08

The Rhino-Rack Internal Ladder Rack is a new interior ladder rack system that mounts to the underside of the roof of your van. Connecting to the inside of your vehicle's roof via 3 vehicle specific brackets, it allows for ladders to be securely transported inside the vehicle without taking up valuable floor space. The new Rhino Rack Internal Ladder Rack reduces the risk of theft of your ladder and keeps it out of the elements, clean and dry, ready for quick unloading at your next job.


  • The internal ladder rack is mounted to the vehicles roof opening up floor space for the cargo area.
  • Ladders can be easily stowed for travel or removed for usage using the track and bungee system.
  • The internal ladder rack can store a ladder up to a height of 1.8m and 14kgs.
  • Must be installed in conjunction with Cargo Barrier/Solid Partition Barrier.
  • Quick release & height adjustability
  • Front and rear lower height adjustable sections of the ladder carriers can be pivoted up towards the roof when not being used to increase clearance within the van
  • Quick release bungee cord tension lock off incorporated into the Heavy Duty bar to act as an additional safety measure

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