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Rhino Rack Pivot Height Spacers (LHSPIV)

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Rhino Rack Pivot Height Spacers

Product # LHSPIV

Product Description

Brand New Genuine Rhino Rack Pivot Height Spacers (LHSPIV)


Pivot Height Spacers are blocks that are placed between the leg unit and the cross bar to correct the cross bar angle on vehicles that utilize curved tracks.

Because so many vehicles now have erratic differing roof lines, tracks are being shaped and curved to fit the varying roof lines. This means that when you fit your Roof Racks to a track that has been curved you will need to allow for this curve to get your cross bars perpendicular. That's where Pivot Spacers come in.

Pivot Spacers allow you to angle your cross bar up to 5 degrees so that your Roof Rack cross bars will run perpendicular to your vehicle's centre line.

The Pivot Spacers are available for use with the Heavy Duty & Vortex cross bars. Included are 4 x Pivot Spacer blocks (M292) and 4 x M10 (35mm) bolts.


  • Ideal for correcting cross bar angles on highly curved roofs
  • Provides up to 5 degrees of adjustment
  • UV protected material ensures no fading

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