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Rhino Rack 2500 Leg Spacer (42mm) (RLKS5)

* Picture is for illustrative purposes only. Please check compatibility for your vehicle.

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Rhino Rack 2500 Leg Spacer (42mm)

Product # RLKS5

Product Description

Brand New Genuine Rhino Rack 2500 Leg Spacer (42mm) (RLKS5)


The RLKS5 spacer blocks are used to level a 3 bar roof rack system on a vehicle such as a ute or pick up that may have rear ute posts or a canopy rack system. Attached between the Rhino-Rack 2500 leg and either a Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty or Vortex cross bar, this set of spacers will raise the cross bar 42mm in height.

These leg height spacers have been designed for use on a support bar, set up for long loads - they are not to be used as a 2 bar system under a load bearing cross bar. Made from glass re-enforced nylon, just like our legs, they are strong and flexible.

All necessary hardware is supplied. The maximum height stacking that is recommended by Rhino-Rack Rack is 42mm. If you need to go higher, please use the RLK2500HALF-JB JB Spacer / Height Adjustor.

This kit includes:

  • 10 Spacer Blocks (max height 42mm)
  • 2 x M6 x 60mm Bolts

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